Enough to play with their imagination and not at least close the page without digging deeper with what the business has to offer. It has a compact slider that gives people to get a hint of what the business has. It is a great way to summarize every little thing.

A Little Bit Of Everything

There are four unique color variations in the Webly WordPress Theme. There is the Green grass, a peep at Purple, Black night, and deep Blue. One can match it with ePanel theme options and collection of  shortcodes to tweak, design, and organize the business page with the right buttons. Since this is about advertising, one can have the flexibility to add an ad manager wherein one can post images to a post and can be easily turned on or off from within the admin page.

Blog It

Entice visitors more by writing articles about how the business is going. Be that researcher and when have stumbled upon an article worth sharing, re-blog.  Don’t forget to put in the source, though, for copyright purposes. That little timthumb platform allows an image to be beautifully placed in the post. Let that picture be a peephole to what could be.

BAU – Business as Usual

Make sure the business has that open-door policy applies to the blog-slash-biz page to let visitors know you can be reached. On the About Us Page, don’t beat around the bush and include contact numbers and email to the Contact Page. That’s the new how to reach us and how to get to us.

Don’t be that boring business-minded person. But rather be playful as you can be with Webly WordPress Theme!