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Twitter Marketing Mistakes which should be Avoided


Are you in a planning of start using Twitter for internet marketing?

Twitter is a good way where you can market your business online. many members make mistakes which should be avoided, five of them are defined under:

# Spam:

Spam can be specified as uninvited bulk advertisements. To restraint Twitter messages from looking spammy, decrease the quantity you send. For example: 6 Tweets a week that direct readers to your blog are not considered spam, but 600 messages are considered spam. It’s perfectly alright to send updates to your followers requesting them to look at your blog, site, or view a product you are selling. If someone asks you a query that you can answer by guiding traffic to your site or blog.

# Outright Advertisements:

Your Tweet messages should not appear as advertisements; it’s an easy way to avoid the spam factor. Sure, your main aim is to promote your website, blog, service or product, but take the indirect approach. Many use Twitter to talk to their friends they would not like to spend hours reading and sifting through advertisements.

For example: if you are working as a freelance web designer? Then Direct people to your website with the help of Tweet message, but never ever ask them to buy your product or become your customer. In spite of this ask them to give you feedbacks. Experience what other people think , if your rates are reasonable or if they ask you for samples. This at least gets people to your site and if they’ll be willing to buy your product or service they’ll.

# Too Many Messages:

Avoid sending too many messages on Twitter. These messages are also known as updates and Tweets which will be sent to your followers. You can send individual messages, otherwise they’ll automatically be sent to each one.

For private conversations with your family and friends, keep messages private. Create a individual Twitter account for this purpose. And For business use, don’t send multiple messages. This is considered spam, especially if your updates are outright advertisements.

# Late Night Twitters:

.always Remember your goal is to market and make a name for your business, not disrupt potential customers during sleep so always Twitter during normal business hours.

# Not Taking Full Advantage of Twitter:

If you have a Twitter account, be sure to use it for business, not just personal use, this is one of the biggest mistakes an internet marketer can do.

Always trust on Twitters tools. You can easily find out contacts by searching email address, name, and location. Look who needs a service or product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling eco-friendly products online. If it is like this then respond and follow those with Tweets concerning the environment.

In short we can say that Twitter is a good way to market your site, blog, products, or services online. , search for contacts online, Never send late night Tweets, do not spam users, and smartly camouflage your advertisements as helpful updates and responds.


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