It can be used for one web niche to the other by simply changing some images and color backgrounds. Most of all, it has a clean and hassle-free interface that is easy to navigate.

Home Page

The Trim WordPress Theme home page is simple yet elegant. One can customize the main colors easily depending on the website needs. But for the test version, the theme came out in an all-white background with blues and grays as text colors. The top part of the theme features a sliding centerpiece with arrows for fast navigation. In the bottom parts are the text widgets located. There is also a provision of a mini-gallery that displays image thumbnails of recent photo posts.

Blog Page

The blog is simple as well but the displays are fine-tuned and look very sleek. One example of this is the blue dot date header and the double-spaced medium-sized font type used in the blog text area. The page screams out clean functionality but is impressive enough, thanks to the smaller details.

Image Gallery

The image gallery simply does its job by letting the photos speak for themselves. The page is pure photos only and has no provisions for captions or image titles. The medium-sized photos look detailed enough and seem to be perfectly displayed in that manner.


Likewise, the portfolio is clean and simple yet does the job similarly to the Image Gallery. The only difference here is that the portfolio can be viewer-customized to the photo sizes and orientations they would like the pictures to be in.


Fast and simple. Since the Trim WordPress Theme does the job very well while infusing a zest of minor details here and there, it is a great theme choice. It does not end up boring; it is actually interesting.