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Traffic Generating Technique: Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking or Web 2.0 traffic is becoming a popular avenue for some niches, however you need a specific strategy in order to get people to buy stuff through your link. I’ll give you a short list of profitable Web 2.0 sites where you can create content and get some sales from visitors.


Myspace is the most popular social bookmarking site with millions of profiles in its database. This social bookmarking platform thrives with the number of “friends” you have in your network.

In order to get people to buy stuff from you, you need to get them to click on to a different page AWAY from your Myspace profile.

You can give a free report or any kind of info to make them sign up to your mailing list, you can then sell them stuff once they’re in.


Squidoo is a web 2.0 site where your information gets rated by the readers and where your overall rating is determined by your participation (comments,signatures) in other’s content or “lenses”.

You can make money by using links on your signature by either sending them through your mailing list or through an affiliate link, much like article marketing.

Now there are more web 2.0 sites available, but these two are the most profitable ones that I know. The best way to utilize this is to create a blog and redirect each of them to each other by adding links.

So it looks something like this: Blog <=> Squidoo<=>Myspace

All interconnected to one another. I should warn you though, that there are certain niches that web 2.0 traffic might not appeal too. The most profitable ones are usually the ones that involve entertainment like dating and tattoos.

Nonetheless, I still think you should try this traffic method since it has almost no monetary cost, just be aware of the time that you actually spend here.

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