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Three Top Most Desktop Twitter Clients

The Twitter Marketing Tool for Business

Now let us assume, you have signed up with twitter and looking for some important user experience in your twitter. Twitter is a good tool; if you have more followers, then you will look for some extra features. The desktop client is developed based on this thought only it will help you to get more from the twitter, especially if you create multiple accounts in your twitter. For example, if you have one business account and one family account and one social account, then it gets the information from all of these accounts.

There are many desktop twitter clients in the marketplace, but here I am going to explain about three desktop twitter clients which I have used and realized how useful it is. All these are free desktop twitter clients and it has very good features as well.

Twhirl – This desktop twitter client was developed and marketed by “A Social Software Desktop Client”, this Twhirl desktop client will give the assurance in track of social media accounts on Seismic, laconi.ca Friendfeed and Twitter. Even though it is developed for twitter, it has many more option to access other accounts. It has some beautiful features like it can shortening the URLs and has ability to connect the multiple account at a time that means if you have one personal account and one business account, then you no need to login and log out and again login for multiple times in a day. In this software these is an option to search your tweets, which are mentioned in your twitter username.

Snitter – This software was developed and marketed by Adobe Air Company so it works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download this software for free of cost. The features of this Snitter are it can highlight the messages which are sent to you and it clears the list of tweets. This software won’t support multiple users this is only disadvantage in Snitter software. But it has the best feature that is view and filter friends, because of this feature only the Snitter becomes handy. If you have lots and lots of friends in your account, then it will filter them.

Spaz – This is probably coolest named. This product mainly aimed at the techie crowd, actively encouraging the development and one more thing is it is open source. The technologies used in development of Spaz are XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Spaz also contains that URL shortening service and listing the people of you are following. The biggest problem in this Spaz is they simply built it that means it contains only few features not more than that.

So, which one you want to try? If you are a new person to twitter, then go for Twhirl, it is the best choice and is build up with all functionality. If you are a developer and you have more knowledge in CSS, XHTML and JavaScript, then choose Spaz to add more functionalities and it can improve the performance of the tool.

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