There are many color palettes to choose from but the test version was in black. The font types used in the theme were also new and fresh. Here’s a short review about TheStyle WordPress Theme.

Home Page

The home page was bold and vintage. It has a purely opaque black color background that effortlessly displays the text and images of the website. The main website font alone is a creative and eye-catching. Located below the website name are the page tabs. The rest of the body was filled out by calendar-style images with dates, titles, and short snippet about the post. In the footer, some of the custom text widgets are found cleanly written in the background.

Blog Page

The blog page is classic in style yet uses a certain element of spunk. The blog background was in white and the text is generic in gray font. There is a sidebar in the right side that displays recent posts, random posts and popular entries separated by different tabs. Inside the blog text area, the tags are located as well as some sharing buttons which connect the post to various social media networks.

Other Features

The TheStyle WordPress Theme has no other features like a portfolio or a gallery page. It mostly caters to text-based websites offering content about a wide range of topics. Notably, the page tabs in the upper part of the website can also double as post categories of entries.


When it comes to style and function, the TheStyle WordPress Theme is a winner in this aspect. For design, the theme is also a pop as it is able to blend modern twists and pop culture into the website appearance with notable details in the blog arrangement.