With TheSource WordPress Theme, one can bring handpicked news to one of this theme’s pages. Like how a newspaper is, one can put in a headline on the homepage and let that little Read More link take readers to where they should be.

In One Place

With TheSource WordPress Theme, readers and visitors alike can leave their two cents in the comment box. They can customize it by way of html codes. Some can get techy enough to do this and may enjoy it that way. It doesn’t just let the admin be in control but also gives other people a say on the matter. It’s always great to let other people have their way from time to time. Oh yes, this theme can make it happen alright.

A Review about Just Anything

A new movie one has been waiting for and looking forward to watching can be a good example on what to blab about. Mixing business with pleasure may not be that bad of an idea. Tailor fit it with the business you advertise. And make sure to inject the benefits by way of the article. This theme is also a good way in giving one’s potential business partners and clients to know how much it costs to be working with you through that Request a Quote link. But don’t get the wrong idea here; one can be creative enough to change that link name to something which you think best fits the business.


This is one of the goals. Be and stay organized. The TheSource WordPress Theme’s home sweet home page is visually tasty to one’s possible business partners through that three-column grid that serve as appetizer of the page. Don’t waste some space but stay on track – Organize.