It has a nice simple interface as well which makes viewing across pages a breeze. Thinking about using it for your website? Read on for a full review of the Sky WordPress Theme.


The font types used by the theme generally look clean, concise, and organized. From the font used in the home page, tabs, and in the few write-ups, the perfect mix of clean yet functional shows through. As a result, the website owner gets a professionally done website which is easy on the eyes.

Home Page

The Sky WordPress Theme concept appears to be similar to a center-stage where in all the works of the owner are proudly displayed front and center. The home page alone features a gallery-type grid where thumbnail photos are shown. It has a page number on th bottom which sleekly transitions to the next page when clicked. From there, visitors can view other works of the website owner.

Other Features

Some of the added features of the Sky WordPress theme include the blog, the contact details, the about page, and company write-up. These are separate pages which can be found in the tab headers at the top of the page. Since the theme focuses mostly on the visuals, these pages are great gateways for writing stuff one would want the visitors to know about the website.


The Sky WordPress theme serves its purpose beautifully for a number of users. Mostly, those who are using the theme as a photographer’s home, a portfolio, or a company showcasing their business services would be benefited from it. Clicking from one page to the next is hassle-free. In fact, the website owner can enjoy fast loading time of photos when the Sky WordPress Theme is used.