The design concept alone speaks of nothing but fun, innovation, and quick interface. Thinking of using this theme? Read on for a short review of the Nova WordPress Theme.

Home Page

The home page alone is a stunner. It combines the elements of organization, cleanliness, function, and design all in one easy-to-navigate page. The Nova Theme uses a fading centerpiece in the website which can be used for displaying recent works or announcements. The font used with the theme is just so appropriate with the whole concept. The photos and text look good together even in the bottom part of the website. There are tabbed posts which the user can use to define introductions and display mission, about, and portfolio.

Blog Page

The blog is still well-aligned with the overall concept of the theme. It uses fine font styles written on clear gray-white background. The sidebar located in the right portion of the page carries enough functionality as it can hold widgets related to blog posting.

Gallery Page

Photos, multimedia, and graphic works are showcased cleanly in a grid-type manner. There are no texts or titles, only the pictures themselves. The orientation is set in landscape while the thumbnails are medium in size. For a collective view, the gallery is a great page which aims to display the best shots or works of the website owner. For additional information, visitors can click a photo and will be redirected to a better view.


The Nova WordPress Theme is a great theme for use by media professionals, photographers, graphic designers, and the like. It magnificently displays their work for the rest to see while keeping things looking professional and clean.