Into Scrapbooking? This theme might just do the trick. Only it’s online. And almost everything moves. It is interactive and uncommon and colorful. Notebook WordPress Theme attracts visitors like those graceful butterflies. And can be anything one wants for an online journal.

The Platform in the NOT Political Sense of the Word

The advanced CSS3 animations through JavaScript can turn online scrapbooking into magic. With these words, the theme uses JavaScript that lets an effect gradually change from one style to another. And who says that didn’t make one believe its magic? It is one of the great reasons to maintain an online chronicle. Use multimedia. You can upload videos, frozen memories in the form of images and simply just images. And let HTML be the pixie dust.

Words Unlimited

Each person can have that moment when words seem to overflow from their being. When words can no longer be contained in the mind and find the need to be recorded somewhere. Notebook WordPress Theme can have the words documented and the good thing is it can be accessed anywhere a connection is available.


Now with multimedia – images and videos – and the right words to match what one needs are some of the features of Notebook Theme. It allows uploading PSD files resized to thumbnail images, dozens of fonts to choose from to go with the overflowing words, and aside from the page-based site to a normal blog structure.

With this theme, you can make a few tricks and be in control of your online sanctuary. Enhancing user interactivity and usability are two adjectives to describe this control over the site, and that involves the theme and its different settings.

You – Unleashed!

With the Notebook WordPress Theme, one can unleash one’s true self, with the help of images and videos long kept in the computer’s hard drive. They can be mixed and matched with the theme’s features to come up with what one thinks best suits his needs. Be resurrected.