From the name itself, MyCuisine Restaurant WordPress Theme is designed for restaurants. The homepage is deliciously coded to attract customers. It allows a beautiful vintage aesthetics give that warm welcome to potential customers. The company tagline or slogan giving a customized touch, Google map showing customers how to get there, and a sneak peak shared through customer testimonials are some of the things packed in the Homepage.

The theme may be specifically programmed for restaurants, bistros, coffee bar, and any business establishment serving food and drink, but don’t let the pictures be the limit. The overall theme can be converted into a business page or online portfolio, using some simple tricks and tweaks.

What’s “Inside”

This theme should be more than what meets the eye. It allows restaurateurs to show their potential customers what they have to offer. There are a few basic features that can make an online menu happen inside MyCuisine.

  • Five Unique Color Scheme – this allows the page to leave that impression to possible customers through color. Be the judge on what’s welcome-y and what’s not. If white looks bare, there’s still Black, Purple, Green or Blue to choose from.
  • Optional Blog-style Structure – don’t limit the site to a page-based structure. This theme gives the flexibility to run it as a normal blog.
  • Automated Thumbnail Resizing – They say a picture paint a thousand words. Personalize a post with a thumbnail image which is automatically resized by timthumb.
  • Advertising Management – someplace to display advertisement to. Feel free to upload a 125×125 and 468×60 banner images and ads to posts and turn it on and off anytime through the wp-admin page.
  • Menu Section – this states the obvious. Separate the list by categories through this page template.
  • Location Page Template – this lets potential customers know how to get there, when to get there and how to reach the business.

These are just the basics. The advanced features give the liberty to whip off a more personal touch in the MyCuisine.

The more advanced features include:

  • Page Templates – Support and Updates
  • Shortcodes Collection – ePanel Theme Options
  • Complete Localization