Basically, the theme employs the colors red, blue, gray, white, and black in its color palette. It uses a clean monochromatic background which goes well with the design concept. Here are some more tidbits on what to expect with the LeanBiz WordPress Theme.


The font type of the theme uses a somewhat vintage face. The main font which is in red, has a slightly cursive style while the secondary font in blue is in print. The font types chosen for the theme greatly blends in well with achieving an old yet classic style.

Home Page

For one, the LeanBiz theme steers away from the traditional all-text home page.  Instead, it uses a sliding page where the website owner can post his pictures, videos, and recent posts for visitors to quickly see. The sliding page can also serve as a showroom for new products as well as promo updates for commerce sites.

Other Features

The footer of the theme utilizes four columns in the bottom of the page. Here the website owners can post their about page snippets, recent posts or comments, and short contact details. Meanwhile, the theme also has its own customizable gallery page. This would be a helpful add-on for blog writers who takes many well-defined photos and gather it conveniently in a page.


Users of the LeanBiz WordPress Theme would not be disappointed since it offers a very organized look to a website or blog. Those who love a vintage touch to their sites can find the LeanBiz an attractive choice. The LeanBiz theme is suitable for photography enthusiasts, writers, e-commerce…