To make the theme really live up its potential, the website owner must make sure to attach great quality photos in the body of the theme. When done correctly, the theme really pops out in color and individuality.

Home Page

The home page is very simple and clean but visitors are sure to be benefited from this setup. In the top part of the theme, the page tabs are located while the company or personal tag line can make its room in the middle. For the bottom part, there are three separate columns that explain the about, the mission, and the introduction areas of the website. The bold backgrounds form a fading transition which changes images every thirty seconds or more.

Blog Page

The blog page is characterized by a floating area with a grayish-white background set against the website background which is composed of bold colors and lines. There is a sidebar on the right which visitors can use to navigate their way around the blog. As for the blog font type, the theme uses a simple and clean text to form the bulk of the blog.

Other Pages

The InStyle WordPress Theme does not have a portfolio page. Rather, it has an about page, a contact page, and a sitemap which displays all the pages in the website – and that’s about it.


The InStyle WordPress Theme is an amazing theme fit for writers and even personal bloggers. It is aimed at mostly text users which is why there is no need for the portfolio page. As for the design, the InStyle is a winner in making a simple theme stand out and be functional.