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How to Properly Build Backlinks with Blog Comments

Blog commenting is a great initial method to start building backlinks to your website. It’s not the most effective method, however can be very effective if done properly. This article breaks down the method into a few different parts and helps explain each one. Hopefully, you the reader will be able to get a better understanding of how to properly use blog comments to increase your website’s backlinks.

Finding the Right Blogs

The main mistake that webmasters seem to make is that they post comments on just any blog. This is actually not a good idea; you want to look for blogs that are relevant to your website. This means that the specific post you’re commenting on should be relevant to your websites content. This is due to the fact that Google likes finding relevant backlinks to your website. Part of the Google algorithm is widely believed to be based on relevancy. By commenting on blog posts that are relevant to your website you help increase the amount of relevant backlinks. One of the best ways to find relevant blogs is to use Google’s Blog Search tool which allows you to look up blog posts by specific keywords or keyword phrases.

Formatting the Comment Properly

A very important aspect to blog commenting is to format the comment properly. People have a habit of using the name and URL section to add there link and anchor text. This method is ok, however if applicable you should inject your hyperlink inside of your comment itself; with the anchor text being your primary keyword or keyword phrase. This method of injecting your hyperlink into content directly is best considering Google likes to find links inside of content rather than around it.

Making Comments Useful

You want to make your blog comments as useful as possible. Make sure to skim through the blog post and provide a relevant, accurate comment. Don’t just add something like “Great Post” or “Nice Work”. Try to make a decent 2 to 3 sentence comment that is both useful to the blog writer and readers. This will give your comment a better chance of being approved and prevent it from being marked as spam. Keeping in line with this will increase your turn around rate of blog comments being approved.

Don’t Worry About No-Follow

Webmasters seem so worried about the no -follow attribute these days and much misconception is built around it. The concept of the no-follow attribute was to prevent “Pagerank” from being passed on to an internal or external link. It doesn’t prevent a link from being counted by Google. In fact you can test this theory yourself by building a few no-follow backlinks and waiting a week or two and reviewing your sites backlinks via Google Webmaster Central. You’ll find that the no-follow backlink will still be added and considered as a backlink. So stop wasting time finding do-follow blogs, not only does this slow down your ability to build backlinks, it will greatly reduce the amount of relevant blogs you’ll be able to comment on.


By following these few simple rules you’ll be able to get the most out of your blog commenting and achieve the results you’re attempting to reach. By commenting on only relevant blogs the proper way with useful comments you’ll find they will provide move value as a backlink and less likely to be marked as spam. Best of luck with your blog commenting.

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