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How to make money from Twitter:

When the internet was created, out of all the amazing things that could be done like getting information about stuff, listening to music, etc… keeping in touch was probably the coolest. If emails did the job in the initial stages, chat, social networking and now Tweeting makes sure that everyone related knows what the other is doing and upto.

Twitter, I must say is nothing short of a phenomenon. Now the reason I say so is because it just takes 140 chars to say what you have to say and for people to reply to it. For a person like me who believes in speaking less and just what is required it’s truly awesome. Its no surprise that even the president of the US and many national and international celebrities in addition to the lakhs and lakhs of commoners like us are on it tweeting just about anything.

Well if twitter is such a craze and most popular, then like all other things on the net it’s also a big revenue generator. Not only for the creator, but also for the user. Has this thing got you interested? Then, read on.

Twitter works on the basic funda of Followers and Following. The greater number of followers, the more popular you are, the wider you’re reaching. The stronger the credibility you enjoy, the more people will take your word for granted. So in order to start the process of revenue generation, you have to have a strong standing. Then, comes the rest.

1. Get a strong username: Well twitter is all about tweeting i.e. getting regular and live updates. Users out there would love to follow brands so they get the latest information about stuff. Eg: An Airtel user would love to know of any latest offers or plans available. An Apple fan would be interested in the latest iPhone’s and app’s released. So by getting such a name, you are getting people to follow you.

2. Be true to your name: In other words, now build credibility. Start giving out minute by minute updates about the product. Keep the users engaged. Golden rule: give them more than required. It’s never enough. Always remember that.

3. Advertisement: Place an ad in the blank space, something like subtle advertising. After some 10-15 tweets you can send a tweet of only an advert. That’s acceptable.

4. Charge for access to your messages: There is a setting in Twitter in which a user can choose his account to be made private. You can restrict the number of people who get your messages by using this feature. This would make people actually pay for access to your messages just to enable them to be on top of their game.

5. Commissions on user purchases: Setup a service that would agree to give you a part of the revenue earned. In this way you could earn a whole lot more.

So enjoy yourself, happy tweeting in better way and happy earning as well.

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