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Flash Moto Content Management System – FlashMoto CMS

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Flash Moto – Powerful Flash CMS: Breaking the Stereotypes.

Flash Moto CMS is a revolutionary content management system aimed at Flash developers and designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites. Our Flash CMS is fast, flexible and extensible. It provides a powerful development platform that enables you to extend functionality with presentation. The ease of use and richness of Flash CMS were reached due to the diligent work and great efforts of our team of professionals.

Flash CMS Website Benefits

FlashMoto lets Flash developers create Flash websites that are easy to maintain and update. Via a convenient admin panel you can edit any content of your website including sounds, website structure, image galleries and much more. FlashMoto CMS will make your website absolutely SEO-friendly due to the rewritable URLs and deep linking. It was never so easy to create and edit flash websites as today with Flash Moto CMS!

FlashMoto Features


FlashMoto is glad to present its revolutionary product – FlashMoto CMS that offers

everything you might possibly need for controlling and maintaining a complete and powerful

Flash website. We tried to simplify your work with the site as much as possible making

editing more convenient and mostly intuitive.


Any Flash website can be managed!Now it became possible to manage, control and update almost any website. There are no restrictions in website design and animation.

Ability to add unlimited number of pages. With our simple-to-use tools you can add, edit and delete pages of your Flash website without any efforts.

No skills required.All you need is a web browser through which you can make all necessary alterations. No Flash IDE required. Our Flash CMS is compatible with all major browsers.

Advanced WYSIWYG page and pop-up editor. Editing Flash website is as easy as editing document in Word. Our convenient WYSIWYG Editor gives you an ability to visualize what you are producing.

The Richest Media Library. Built-in image editor. FlashMoto CMS allows uploading pictures, video, .SWF files.

InfoModule, Video & Image Gallery ComponentOur built-in image gallery is extremely simple to maintain. It will help you create a galleries on your website with no efforts. You won’t need any programming skills to use it.

Video, MP3 players Component With our built-in MP3 player now you can easily change the sound accompaniment of your website. Moreover, FlashMoto CMS was developed with the advantage of video embedment. Using the free video hosting services such as YouTube, Google or Yahoo!, embedding a video even doesn’t require any software. Just copy the embed code from the video hosting site and using a convenient video embed tool paste it into your page.

SEO optimized Flash Website. Deep Linking. Google Analytics IntegrationSimilar to HTML websites, your Flash website and all its content is totally indexable by search engines. Each site page has its own unique URL and editable Meta Title. Google Analytics integration tool, robots.txt, 301 SEO redirection, deep linking – all these tools and features will help you to get high ranking, increase your website traffic, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting websites.

Custom modules and widgets integration.You have an ability to develop your own modules as separate swf applications and build them into a site and control panel to improve FlashMoto CMS functionality.

Comprehensive documentation & tutorials.FlashMoto provides a lot of help documents and tutorials where you will find solutions and recommendations on any issues that you may face with while working with the site.

FlashMoto More Features

  • NO installation required!Just copy files on your web server and run!
  • InfoModule component (News, Articles)Keep your visitors abreast of your news. With FlashMoto CMS InfoModile component it’s really easy. You just add your news and it will be automatically presented on your website.
  • Built-in Forms Component (Form builder)Our Built-in Forms Component gives you an opportunity to customize any form embedded into your Flash website: you can add and delete form fields, edit field names, change fields types (for example, you can add drop-down lists, check boxes, radio buttons and etc.), change the items on any of the built-in drop-down lists and much more. All data are retrieved and validated in the proper way.
  • Multiple language support. Custom fonts uploadingFlashMoto CMS supports multiple languages providing you an opportunity to upload custom fonts.
  • Built-in Drop Down Menu ComponentNow you don’t need to rack your brains over the problem how to get all information into five menu items. Due to the built-in drop down menu component, you can easily add the drop down panels with additional link buttons (or sub buttons).
  • Secure Control PanelWe take all appropriate measures to keep your website protected against dangerous intrusions. And now you can be sure that all your information is stored as securely as possible.
  • Powerful ActionScript 3.0 APIFlashMoto CMS provides a powerful ActionScript 3.0 application programming interface (API) that can greatly speed the development process and save your time. Moreover, FlashMoto provides multiple ways and built-in components for your own CMS themes and modules development.
  • Built-in components: scrollbar, image, swf and flv loader, progress bar, item renderer, gallery, forms, arranger and paginator.Along with a complete FlashMoto CMS, you will get a lot of ready to use components and software that can be easily customized both in terms of functionality and look according to your needs and preferences.

FlashMoto Product

FlashMoto content management system is a powerful and easy to use application designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites. It allows content creators to submit content without requiring any software, technical knowledge of HTML, Flash and other programming languages. With our Flash CMS it became possible to manage almost any Flash website without any restrictions in design, graphic effects and animation

FlashMoto WYSIWIG Editor


  1. Tools PanelWith the help of a quite usable tools panel you can easily add texts, shapes, wigets and plugins to the site’s page. Embedding pictures and videos won’t take much time as well.
  2. Main Section Here the page you’re editing is displayed. It’s reflected in exactly same way it looks on the website, so you can see the results of your actions right away without switching to another window. Use «drag and drop» tool to move and unfold any item you need.
  3. Properties PanelUse this panel to edit properties of the displayed objects. To make editing more convenient, panel includes special settings for each type of the object. In-built text editor, shapes editor and viget editor will be activated every time you edit a corresponding object.

FlashMoto Content Editing. Menus

Content Editing. Menus

  1. Website Sections SelectorAdd, edit or delete any object of the website — menus, pages, pop-ups and so on. To change objects’ properties or to organize hierarchy of pages, use this panel as well.
  2. Menu EditorThis panel is used for the site menu editing. The amount of website menus is unlimited, any page or pop-up can have its own one. Each drop-down may have a few levels (number is unlimited) depending on its design.
  3. Menu Item EditorEach item of the menu is not just a link or label.It is a separate element with its own properties that can be customized according to every specific design. In the current example you can see that each menu item has the main label, short label and color option.

FlashMoto Properties and Effects Editing

Properties and Effects Editing

  1. Effects PanelWith the help of this panel you can apply various effects, such as blur, glow, shadow and others, to any selected object.
  2. Instant ReflectionThis option allows you to see the results of any operation right away. All changes are displayed here on the scene. In fact, the page you see in the editing mode, will look in the same way after publishing.
  3. Control buttons (Dashboard)Dashboard includes various controls for efficient website editing. You can redo or cancel operations, quickly arrange and align selected objects and even start editing another page or pop-up immediately by using quick navigation panel.

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