There are many colors to choose from but the one tested was in blue. Most of the blues are partnered with whites, grays, blacks, and creative prints for the center background. Here is a short review of the theme’s highlights.

Home Page

The home page of the Feather Theme consists of a center-area where photos, text, and other multimedia transition into a fade to give way to the next in line. Here one can find recently added photos or materials that the website owner would want its visitors to see. After that is the what facts of the website. The text and image widgets explain the mission, about, and meet-the-writers introductions. Scroll down some more and the recent blog posts widget, the recent work widget, and other custom text widgets in the bottom-most part can be located.

Blog Page

Basically, the blog page design is simple as it uses the grayish-white background coupled with a small default font type. There is a little sidebar located in the right side of the blog, where users can include their widgets related to posts. As for that, there really is nothing more exemplary about the page.

Portfolio Page

The portfolio page can be viewed in a medium-sized manner. This means that the photos or works of the website owner are not too small or too large to be seen. In the bottom of the gallery images are some small caption text about each displayed work. There is also a provision for a title for each work displayed, contrary to some themes that only display photos and short text.


As for the overall appeal of the theme, it would be safe to say that it looks good on the front yet lacks in the other pages. The home page was a visual treat from the start and effectively conveys a message of fun and lightness. Meanwhile, the other pages have failed to make this message come through making it a bit generic in displaying content.