There are some parts wherein the page has a grayish white background, mixed with a thin font face. The Envisioned WordPress Theme is definitely not a traditional theme choice.

Home Page

The home page of the Envisioned theme has a lot going on in terms of text, photos, and other website widgets. The visitor must scroll down to see the whole home page and its features. The first part of the home tab includes the showcased photos, and short write-ups about the website owner and his mission. Scroll down some more to see the gallery and other custom text widgets such as recent posts, about, and comments.

Blog Page

The blog page is set on the grayish-white background with the text area on the left and a sidebar on the right. The only thing that stays in the blog page from the home page are the custom text widgets at the far bottom of the page. Meanwhile, the blog uses a small conventional font face for the body.

Portfolio Page

The portfolio page is customizable according to the preferences of the viewers. Once can view it in small thumbnail-sized photos, in large photos with short explanations or in portrait orientation. There are many other views to choose from and the visitor has the power to decide on how to view the gallery images.


Overall, the Envisioned WordPress Theme is creative yet professional-looking. It uses mostly muted colors as the theme allows the color photos to take the center-stage. The Envisioned WordPress Theme is a great theme choice for users who want to showcase their portfolio of photos, graphic…