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Choose the Right Commercial Web Hosting for You

If you want to achieve you’re your online business goal, you have to invest on a good commercial web hosting scheme. But there are thousands of options that will be presented to you and you have to have the basic knowhow to be able to make the right choice.

You need a dependable Web host

A commercial Web host should be dependable 99% of the time. It will not do your business well to be affiliated with a provider whose server is down most of the time. You should know their guaranteed uptime and how long they have been conducting business.

They have to be up when you need them

You have to ascertain the availability of their service. While it is true that you are not online 24 hours a day, but their customer support should at least be available within normal operating hours. Do not even consider companies who say that they are limited to customer support by email for cost considerations when, the real reason for this is that they are just doing hosting services part time and are not accessible to answer the phone at all times. So when you need to get some answers, it will take a while and tons of patience before you get any service from them.

Web Hosting for ecommerce activities

If you are planning to move your merchandise online, your Web hosts should provide you with shopping carts. You have to know if this comes with the package or do you have to pay extra for them. Know the names of ecommerce shopping carts that they can make available for you and see which ones are most suitable for your requirements.

Response time of Website loading

You should also inquire about the websites that the host are currently servicing. You can test the response time by entering some of them on the browser and noting how fast they are loaded. If it is quite slow, then this might mean that the host’s servers could already be quite loaded. Make a ping test as well to know if their bandwidth can still accommodate additional huge traffic. By doing the tests you will be able to gauge if using this Web hosting company will be of help to you or if it will just aggravate you.

How much bandwidth does your Web host provide you?

You have to know how much bandwidth you are provided for monthly. If your website is 50 KB and you are given 500mb of bandwidth, this means that you will be able to accommodate only 10,000 visitors’ hit on your website. If you need to get more bandwidth, you will have to pay extra fees. As your traffic increases and your required bandwidth as well, you could end up having to pay excessive charges for larger bandwidth.

A start up business could get much help from web hosting to become successful. However, not any company which offers you the service is the real deal. You have to do some research so as not to be duped and your hard work will be rewarded by a Web hosting experience that will really be instrumental to your growth.