Another awesome feature of Flexible is its numerous background textures. The ability to adjust the background and font colors is made possible with this theme. There are also different fonts from which the web operator can choose. Flexible also offers automatic thumbnail (reduced-sized versions of pictures) image resizing. With this, only one thumbnail size is required for every post.

Advertising using Flexible is easy. 125×125 banner images can be posted on sidebars. Also, 468×60 ads can be put on post pages. As advertisements are managed from within wp-admin, these can be turned on and off anytime. Optional blog-style structure is another feature of this theme. If one does not want the conventional page-based structure of a website, he may use the blog structure.

The most notable feature of Flexible is its sortable ajax gallery. Ajax is a technique used to load a new page without changing the background of the current one. With this feature, gallery items can be sorted into various categories without the need of reloading the page. This results in a quicker browsing of one’s portfolio.

Advanced features of Flexible include ePanel theme options (for controlling the theme and its different settings), page templates (access to pre-made layouts and utilities), shortcodes collection (a compilation of shortcuts to create objects), complete localization (for translation to other languages), and support and updates (for compatibility with the latest version of WordPress).