Unlike other themes, Gleam uses ajax, a technique used to load a new page without changing the background of the present one. Viewers can browse through pages with ease—by clicking the left and right arrows.

Gleam utilizes a full-size image as the background for each page, with the web content in the middle. That is why this theme is intended for those who want to catch viewers’ attention with amazing photos. Gleam also offers a portfolio template that allows an entire screen view of a picture, without being interrupted by the content.

There are two ways for advertising in Gleam. First, 125×125 banner images can be put in the sidebar. Second, one may post 468×60 advertisements in post pages. With Gleam, it is possible to turn ads on and off, as it is operated from within wp-admin.

Gleam is not like other typical WordPress themes. With a full-size image serving as a background, web content placed in the middle, and two large arrows on both sides (These are used to go from one page to the next), Gleam is sure to attract people to view the website.

Some of its features include an optional blog-style format, and custom thumbnail images. Gleam also has a theme options page. It is gravatar ready (One’s avatar from other sites will appear beside his name whenever he comments or posts). It also has widget ready sidebars, meaning the operator can post information accessed from other sites such as weather reports.

Users are assured that the Gleam WordPress theme is coded in XHTML and CSS. As this is coded expertly, Gleam is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.