It also offers automatic resizing of thumbnails (reduced-sized versions of images) so that only one thumbnail size is needed in each post. This is achieved by the use of timthumb.

eStore has an open-ended nature, which makes adding additional shopping carts easy. It also prioritizes advertising opportunities. Web operators can put 125×125 banner images on the sidebar. 468×60 ads can be placed on post pages. It is possible to turn ads on and off with they are handled from within wp-admin.

Despite its many amazing features, eStore does not have its own shopping cart system. To compensate for this, this theme integrates some popular ecommerce plugins such as Simple Paypal Shopping and eShop.

eStore also comes with the following features: ePanel theme options (used to control the theme and its different settings), page templates (access to pre-made layouts and utilities), shortcodes collection (a compilation of shortcuts to create objects), complete localization (for translation to other languages), and support and updates (for compatibility with the latest version of WordPress).

eStore sorts products by category, such as clothing, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. The options are listed on top of the page, giving it an organized look. Products, with their pictures, corresponding prices, and a brief description are arranged in columns in the middle of the page.

This theme is best for those who seek to sell products online. It comes with a widget ready sidebar. It is also gravatar ready, meaning one’s avatar from other sites will appear beside his name whenever he comments or posts.