People using tablet PC’s and mobile phones do not have to drag and zoom the webpage using this theme. Even reducing your browser’s window size will not affect the layout of the webpage.

Like most WordPress themes, Evolution comes with an optional blog-style structure. This can be used if the operator wants his website to look like a blog rather than a page-based site. Four unique color schemes are available in Evolution. These are white, blue, green, and red.

Managing advertisements is easy with Evolution. Sidebars are constructed so that they can accommodate 125×125 banner images. One can also put 468×60 advertisements on post pages. Automated thumbnail resizing is another fantastic feature of this theme. With the use of timthumb, thumbnail images (reduced-sized versions of images) are automatically adjusted.

Advanced features are also available in Evolution. These are ePanel theme options (for controlling the theme and its various settings), page templates (access to pre-made layout), shortcodes collection (a vast compilation of shortcuts to create objects and embed files), complete localization (used for translation to other languages), and support and updates (for compatibility with the latest version of WordPress).

This theme boasts a smooth tables design and widget ready sidebars. It is also gravatar-ready, meaning one’s avatar from other sites will appear beside his name whenever he comments or posts.

One can be sure that Evolution is premium theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress, as it is expertly coded using valid XHTML and CSS languages.

As many people are now using tablets and mobile devices to browse websites, Evolution, a responsive theme that conforms to different screen sizes, is an asset for all web operators.