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9 Sure Fire Tips To Maximize Sales!

1. Bonus Products

Everyone knows that giving massive bonuses is one of the best ways to ‘legally bribe’ your customers to buy the products you are selling as an affiliate. However, the problem arises when the bonuses start to take precedence over the sole purpose – selling the MAIN product!

You must never forget the primary reason why you are providing a bonus in the first place – to COMPLIMENT the main product! Remember: Product first; Bonus second.

Do not make the mistake by talking about the fries and coke at the expense of the burger or the steak!

You must elaborate strongly on what the main product does before talking about your bonus – your goal is to tie-in your bonus to the product by explaining how your bonus complements the product and teach them about the SYNERGY it provides!

Finally use the bonus and play on the rapport you have between your subscriber/customer and you will definitely get a sale.

2. The Rock SOLID Guarantee!

Nowadays, it is getting very hard to make a sale because people are skeptical due to getting burned by many scams out on the Internet.

One of the best ways to help them get over their fear is to assure them that no matter what they will get their money back – thus eliminating their risk!

Constantly remind them of the ZERO RISK, 30-day Money Back Guarantee or satisfaction guarantee. Tell them that if at ANY time they are unhappy, you are just an E-mail away.

3. Play On Their Fear of losing out

People are motivated more by fear of loss rather than benefits. If you are selling a hot product at an ‘introductory price’, remind them that that the price will go up very soon (e.g. from $37 to $67 or a $10 rebate)

4. The Scarcity Factor

Give them fast action bonuses to get them to act fast!

For example: only 30 copies will be sold but the first 10 people will get a free E-book or membership access.

You can even offer MYSTERY bonuses for fast action takers (even if you haven’t prepared anything yet! It will buy you some time.)

5. The Herd Mentality

Human beings are funny people. When you walk around Chinatown or in an area that you are unfamiliar with, you will notice a bunch of people gathering around certain stores while others are empty.

The tendency for most people is to go and line up behind that HUGE CROWD because they think that just because everyone likes the food, the food ‘should’ be good as well.

Social proof or the ‘herd’ mentality is one of the best ways to get people to buy!

Play on their need to be ‘accepted’ or amongst the ‘IN’ crowds. Tell them all about the buzz going around the Internet!

• Tell them all about satisfied customers testimonials from ‘famous’ people – try and solicit

• Tell them about your product launch successes.

• Send the buzz around the forums.

• Use Internet marketing press releases

• Send buzz around the blogosphere – get well known bloggers to talk about you.

• Take advantage of Web 2.0 software like Digg and spread the word!

After all, everybody is buying it… why shouldn’t YOU?

6. Pain Aggravation

Tell your prospects how their business will not be affected if they fail to invest in your product!

Remind them that only fast action takers succeed and the rest of them are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Let them know that the action takers have a better chance to succeed and that they will get a better discount now than later.

7. Remind them about their GOALS

Most human beings buy something based on their impulses. If reason and logic fails, hit their emotions where it will strike a chord. Ask them if they are committed to their success in Internet marketing (or equivalent motivators).

After all, if they are not committed to their success, it is better not to get the sale from them because they might probably refund the product if they do not work hard and they blame you by putting the blame on the product.

Learn to use the P.S. to reinforce everything in the sales letter.

8. Respect My Authority!

This is very important when you are talking to your subscribers or prospects. There are thousands of affiliate marketers in the world… why should they buy from YOU instead of someone else?

When you talk to them with an air of authority, they will listen to your recommendation. If they regard you as a teacher then TELL them to buy what you recommend – with CONFIDENCE!

But be careful, only do so when you believe in your product 100%. Otherwise, it might come back and haunt you.

9. Be Sincere. Very Sincere.

Be yourself and be sincere. Do not hype up the product more than necessary (to the point where you do not sound natural).

, they buy the product because they listen to you and not because you’ve ‘cut-and-pasted’ someone else’s promo email! Be sincere and share with them based on YOUR personal experience.

If you feel that the product is for them, TELL THEM. If you feel that it is not for them, tell them NOT TO BUY IT. It doesn’t hurt you to tell them the truth.

The worst thing to do is to sell someone a product they don’t need only to back paddle when the support tickets pour in.

Remind them that it requires hard work to succeed. (Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the Internet marketing gurus plan their success way ahead of time. Success never happens by accident!)

Remember, it takes a lifetime to build trust and overnight to destroy it. Never damage the trust between you and your subscribers.

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